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Lightweight and solid, elegant and vigorous, subtle and strong: opposites attract and complete each other, to give life to the surfaces of the Silk Stone collection. The intangible feel of silk meets the rich texture of stone, and their union gives rise to a material that is elegant and minimalist, recalling combinations with precious materials, such as gold and marble, as well as elemental materials such as wood and raw earth.

The lightness and sturdiness are not merely aesthetic features, but formal ones as well; the slabs from the Silk Stone collection were in fact made just 6 mm thick, and this detail makes them highly versatile. Suitable for use in flooring and cladding, they come in a palette of warm and natural colours, in order to meet the full spectrum of customer needs.

The décor on offer enhances the collection and creates an ornamental motif that transforms stoneware cladding into a wallpaper with a delicate and fresh sensitivity. The same décor can also be used as flooring, alone or together with the background to create textured rugs that enhance and frame the most sophisticated furnishing elements.

Available in formats 120x60, 120x30, 60x60, 60x30 and colours: white satin, vanilla lace, shantung greige, velvet brown, black chiffon, as well as ton-sur-ton décor in light and dark versions that can be paired with all colours in the range, in formats 120x60, 120x30 and 60x60.