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We finish our surfaces with ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial™, an innovative product that has been developed during many years of research in our own laboratories and is patented under the patent number PCT/IB 2009/006002. The porcelain stoneware slabs are treated with titanium oxide. When exposed to natural or artificial light, a photocatalytic process similar to photosynthesis takes place. The titanium oxide particles act like a catalyst to break up 71 per cent of the contaminants and transform them into non-toxic substances. This reduces bacteria and odours and prevents dirt from adhering to the material. Slabs treated with ACTIVE also absorb nitrogen dioxide. The slabs can be used as outdoor and indoor floor or wall coverings. ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial™ is the ideal solution in particular for hospitals and laboratories where a high level of cleanliness and hygiene is required, but tiles treated in this way are also a practical and attractive alternative for homes and offices.