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Berlin | Germany | 2017
Architect: Freehaus Design



Berlin has a new trendy and sustainable focal point for healthy eating and drinking with room for innovation. Hermann's - designed by Freehaus Design - is located in Torstrasse, in the middle of the digital start-up scene and offers a bright and friendly atmosphere, thanks to the "urban" style of the Porcelaingres panels. .
The new restaurant was named after company founder Hermann Bahlsen, but the culinary offer is not too closely tied to the biscuit maker's main business. Hermann's concept, "For a Good Future of Food" was developed by Verena Bahlsen, the daughter of the current Managing Director Werner M. Bahlsen and is much more ambitious. In fact, Hermann's is a multi-purpose event venue where you can attend cooking classes and take advantage of other offers, making this place a reference point for decision-makers in the food innovation sector. .
This wish has been made real by the architectural design of the London office Freehaus Design. Freehaus Design is a multi-award winning creative agency founded in London in 2012, which is more than just a fad for sustainable planning. In the case of Hermann's, the designers have expressed the developer's ideas in an appealing interior design with soft and restrained colours, distinguished from the rather rustic touch of similar places in Berlin Mitte. A decision that greatly enhances the flair of the café designed as a co-working environment - perhaps that's why it appeals to many female visitors. The seats are bright, comfortable, with mains socket and free Wi-Fi access, the culinary offer offers a wide selection of healthy and tasty dishes as well as an impressive variety of excellent coffees and teas. .
Thanks to Porcelaingres flooring from the Urban line - namely Urban Great (300 × 100) and Urban (60 × 60) - Hermann's premises can be freely interpreted and contribute to a visual continuity with the city and its bustle in front of the large windows. The choice of materials blends in harmoniously with the sustainable philosophy that characterises both Hermann's and the architects of Freehaus Design. The cement-effect porcelain stoneware slabs come from our factory in Vetschau, .
Brandenburg, just 100 km from Berlin, where they are produced using renewable energy and a certain percentage of recycled material.